Pastor's Blog
March 27, 2018, 2:55 PM

Gun Control and violence.

We are once again having to defend our second amendment rights on gun owners. The trajedy of the past shootings at the Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida and at the Sutherland Springs church are just some of the latest atrocities done by evil people. Evil has always been around us in this world.  You can not prevent evil deeds from taking place.  People have asked me throughout my ministry why evil things happen (many time to good people).  The answer is simple if we will hear it.  Evil things happen because we live in a fallen world. Since the time of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden Satan has decieved us and people have chosen to live for themselves and not for God.  Evil events will continue to happen until our Lord Jesus Christ says enough is enough and He returns to put a stop to sin and evil.  I believe the student protests we are seeing around the country have been instigated by the same anti -gun groups in America.  Many of those youth who were protesting did not have the fainest idea about what gun laws they were actualy against.  The gun haters in our country will use any event that promotes their agenda which is to rid our country of guns.  Within hours of these evil crimnes there was the cry to have greater gun control ringing in the ears of politicians.  Many churches around our country have reponded to church killing by having off duty police and armed private security inside their churches.  I believe this is a deterent to those who wish us harm.  When the theater shooter in Deven Colorado drove to commit his evil act, he passed by at least two theaters that did not restrict guns and guards.  He chose the theater that restricted firearms inside.  We will never prevent evil from taking place  but we can deter evil from our churches and schools by having trained individual inside that will defend and protect their students and fellow church members.  In my opinion.  Feel free to comment back to this site.